(Part 2) Daily Express Special Report On Jawala – “Best Model Plantation’ fires hope”

TURNING Sabah back to a key timber producer again is a top State government aspiration.
The secret is probably vesting the hundreds of thousands of hectares of Sabah’s degraded forest in the hands of the right people who perform. The State government should believe it can achieve this goal that thrives on an oasis of functioning forest plantations that deliver superior timber outputs.

In this Part 2of a series, this is precisely our highlight – that Jawala Plantation Industries Sdn Bhd which, won the “Best Model Forest Plantation” award in June 2023, had conclusively demonstrated it was able to produce an output of wood from planted trees seven times larger than that of salvaged tropical logs from the same degraded forests.

Given this good story or good news expounded here, the Sabah government which had identified 400,000ha of degraded forests under its 2022-2036 Forest Plantation Development Action Plan, has every right to an optimism that it shall be accomplished, and enjoy the expected revenues of up to RM30billion per year in 10 years.

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