Jawala is a forest resource company focusing on industrial tree plantations in Malaysia’s Sabah state specialises in sustainable management of forestry resources, and planting and extraction of timber.

Forest management activities shall be consistent with sustainable management practices for planted forests, according to Principle 10 as prescribed by the Forest Stewardship Council, or the Malaysian Criteria and Indicators for Forest Plantations under the Malaysian Timber Certification Council.

Listed on the Catalist Board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited on 1 June 2018, JAWALA INC., (the “Company” and together with its subsidiary corporation, the “Group”) is a Malaysian sustainable forest company.

The Group’s objective “Replanting Sabah’s Forests For Future Generations” represents a commitment to sustainable development.

The Group focuses on the cultivation of industrial tree plantations through the implementation of sustainable forest management practices situated in Sabah, Malaysia. Its main business is the management of forestry resources including the planting and extraction of logs, managing the planting and silvicultural treatments of natural and plantation forests, felling, cutting, collecting, removing and converting trees into forest produce such as logs and timber within the Sapulut Forest Reserve, Sabah (the “Licensed Area”). The Group currently manages a Licensed Area comprising a Commercial Forest Reserve (Class II) of approximately 11,043 hectares in the Licensed Area, until 31 December 2115, with a potential for a 100 year period extension at the discretion of Sabah’s Chief Minister.

Plantation Area

Licensed Area in South Sabah (Tibow District/Nabawan District) Approx. 220.0km from Tawau. Accessibility to Licensed Area: 4.0km from main road

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