Social Responsibility


  • Training and instruction shall be both on the job and in educational or professional institutions in Malaysia or abroad so as to develop capabilities of local staff and to transfer the technical and managerial skills.
  • Equal right shall be accorded at all times to all employees in the same job classification regardless of race and religion.
  • Adequate insurance cover for its employees and third parties’ liability.
  • Adequate housing and medical facilities for the employees. The Camp Clinic was setup in 2019.
  • Adequate Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) committee was set up to create awareness and conduct training to protect the health and safety of its’ employees. All accident incidences have to be reported to the OSH committee immediately with action plan.
  • Establish educational institutions in conjunction with the Education Department.

Our Group also take an active role in succession planning and work towards creating a balanced workforce as regard to age, gender and ethnic diversity.


  • Establishment of work place for the community;
  • Development of education and medical facilities;
  • Provision of communication facilities;
  • Adequate medical facilities at Camp Clinic with a nurse and a medical assistant whereby the community is allowed to use free of charge; and
  • Active participation in the community development projects.