Occupational Safety and Health

At Jawala, our employees safety and health is of utmost importance to us. We strive to continuously improve our Occupational Safety and ealth (“OSH”) practices to reduce workplace accident rate and maintain a safe working environment for our employees.

We have established an OSH Committee which is led by an OSH Chairman with six (6) and five (5) members comprising of both employer and employee representatives, respectively.

The OSH Committee meets on a quarterly basis to review, develop and update safety rules and systems as well as to assess the effectiveness of existing safety programmes at Jawala. Each meeting requires the participation of both representatives of employer and employee, and discusses latest accident statistics, safety improvement measures and matters related to OSH.

Among the initiatives/measures in place to minimise OSH risk and hazards includes:

  • OSH Policy and procedures;
  • Provision of personal protective equipment (“PPE”);
  • Safety supervision at campsite by Safety and Health Officer;
  • Weekly Safety Toolbox Briefing; and
  • Safety inspection activities;

The Group recognise our employees as valuable contributors to the Group’s business operations and sustainability efforts. We support diversity in our employment profile, and practice equal opportunities regardless of race, gender, age, and religion. We believe that diversity of our employees with different perspectives and social cultural background enables the company to grow rapidly.

Total Employees and Gender Profile

The Group do not discriminate between gender, and encourage our female employees to consider working in our forest plantation, subject to their working interest and willingness.

One third of Jawala Inc. Board members are women and 50% of our Board members consist of independent directors.

The Group is committed to train and enhance the employees’ professional industrial skills and knowledges, and at the same time, nurture an outstanding and proactive team. We believed that continuous training and development learning for all our employees will not only benefit their personal development and growth but will also benefit our business growth, thus, we continuously develop our employees’ skills, capabilities, and knowledge.

Employees’ retention, turnover and hire

The Group focus on building a sustainable workforce is our ultimate objective to drive the business towards future success. These efforts include:

  • Training and instruction shall be both on the job and in educational or professional institutions in Malaysia or abroad so as to develop capabilities of local staff and to transfer the technical and managerial skills;
  • Equal rights shall be always permitted to all employees in the same job classification regardless of race and religion;
  • Adequate insurance coverage for its employees and third parties’ liability;
  • Sufficient housing and medical facilities (i.e. Camp Clinic) was set up for the employees;
  • Occupational Safety and Health (“OSH”) committee was established to create awareness and conduct trainings to protect the health and safety of employees. All accident incidences must be reported to the OSH committee immediately with action plan;
  • Established educational institutions in conjunction with the Education Department; and
  • Conduct trainings covering both technical and non-technical skills enabling employees with the latest technologies and skills necessary for the future.
  • Review the compensation and benefit programme regularly.

The Group are committed to maintaining the well-being of our community, and we believe that we have a responsibility to give back to society to bring a positive impact to the community. We actively engage our local community through our Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) programmes and incorporate these values into our business practices.

Our CSR programmes include installation and maintenance of water pipes, repair and maintain roads and monetary contributions to the nearby villages.