Environmental Responsibility

Being a forest resource company, the principles of sustainable forest management are:

  • protection forest reserves, wildlife reserves, virgin jungle reserves etc.
  • protection of riparian reserve.
  • not to discharge any toxic chemicals into the river which is liable to cause pollution.
  • no illegal logging, no hunting of wildlife, no fishing, explosives or poisons

All plantation activities shall be conducted in strict accordance with the FMP and all standards pertaining to plantations in the SFMLA.

Practises to ensure the perpetuity of the forest as natural resource by undertaking:

  • percautions to protect the forest from fire, encroachment and poaching;
  • planting, regenerating, harvesting, silvicultural treatments of residual stand and forest protection;
  • observes the rules within the riparian reserve;
  • recognizing the limitations on the capacity of the forest to produce a sustainable flow of products through schedule replanting;
  • establish the goals and actions for managing the Commercial Class II Forest Reserves on an ecologically sustainable and economically substantiated basis.
  • emphasis shall be placed on all aspects of forest management including silvicultural treatment and enrichment planting,
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is considered during the planning process to reduce the adverse environmental impacts.
  • minimizing environmental impact through reduced impact logging and extraction of logs.